Villasimius town

Villasimius (Carbonara) is one of the most known and visited town of Sardinia. The Capo Carbonara zone is famous to all as the less rainy point of Italy. Its coastal territory is extended for about 32 km and it offers an incredible range of sandy and rocky inlets. It is also possible to visit more over 25 different beaches like: Campus, perfect for who love swimming; Campulongu, ideal for families with children for the shallow water or Porto Giunco with the salty lake full of life where pink flamingos love spend the summer and many other amazing beaches..
Thanks to its strategic position at the centre of Mediterranean Sea, the territory of Villasimius was inhabited since the remote past as testify still now many historic and archaeological sites that you can visit. You can admire the Domus de Janas, dated back to pre nuraghic period, several ruins of Nuraghe, buildings, ruins and temples about Phoenician, Roman and Spanish period. It is awaiting you a fantastic historical-naturalistic around Villasimius..

In addition to its historical-naturalistic beauties, you could also enjoy your holidays taking part to many festivals during all year from the Carnival in February and thereinafter: Easter Feast, the Festival of Madonna di Bonaria in April, “La Via del Granito” in May (a nice ecological walk along the coast of Villasimius where every year participate many local people and tourists), the Festival of Madonna of Shipwrecked in July (an incredible precession by boats in the sea). In August and during all summer months in the square there are unique and entertaining events, almost one per day. In September happens the Festival of Santa Maria and in October San Raffaele Arcangelo Festival ( saint patron of Villasimius). During Christmas time you can enjoy the lighted town and you can participate at the New Year's Eve Dinner in the square with hundreds of people, over 800 seated in a warm room and all together celebrate and drink to the new year.

At last but not least, in Villasimius you can do your favourite sport in every moment of the year thanks its Mediterranean climate because the winter is not so cold and in the summer months there are between 30° and 40° about. All that allows you to come whenever you want. We are awaiting for you..

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